Mariluz Ramos Iglesias

I am the person in charge of the production of the stuffed animals in Bogotá. I am inspired and excited to be part of this project. I am a mother and grandmother and I know how important it is to have support and see the good things when we are going through difficult times. The Boingy project is that; is to give these children who are living hard moments a support and make them smile. In addition to supporting and giving hope to these children, we are providing the mothers who are the sole breadwinners in their families an opportunity to learn a new skill and earn an income.

Martha Ligia Martinez de Zuluaga

It is impossible not to join a social initiative as beautiful as when a young person has the drive to help others, and he involves his friends to give a special gift to children in hospitals and foster homes. These children need encouragement to undertake their own struggle for life. Maybe Nicolás and his friends are not aware that they are developing the most transcendent meaning to their own lives: helping and taking care of others with love.

I invite you to support the Boingy Project, an act of love that sows smiles on the faces of children and their parents.

Roberta Lund

The Boingy Project has been very important for Associação Maria Helen Drexel because it has helped to rescue the self-esteem of our kids. Given their condition of underprivileged kids, it has become very important for them to have an object of affection that can accompany them through their lives.

Mark Lund

I have had the pleasure of working with and teaching all forms of entrepreneurship (be it conventional, “intrapreneurship”, or social) to all kinds of “students”: from High School to MBAs, to startups, to execs.

Having met so many people over the years, one gets to spot potential when we see it: I met Nicolas in one of my social entrepreneurship workshops for High School students. He was not only one of the few of his age who had an up and going project… but he was one of those who show potential: not only for setting up a social enterprise, but (more than that) for truly caring  about “his neighbor”: project or no project…. Simply because that is in his DNA.

Laureana Piragine

The Boingy project visits to Casa Maria Helena Paulina – an institution that gives shelter, and assistance in general, for kids who are under cancer treatment here in São Paulo, have been an amazing experience. The kids are very happy and feel so special. We have music, food and lots of meaningful and heartfelt interactions among the Boingy members and the kids. Nicolás’ sharing of his personal connection with his stuffed animal really makes a difference. I have witnessed all those kids relating to him and showing a big smile. Congratulations on this beautiful initiative.

Juliana Diaz Ramirez

I have always liked to help those who need it most. With the passage of time, however, I discovered that the help I provided was not transcendental as I was only taking care of the problem for the moment without making a permanent mark in someone else’s life.

I had the fortune to meet Nicolás, and his initiative touched my heart. I decided to be part of this beautiful cause that, more than a gift for those who receive it, is a gift for those who live it. It is amazing how something so small can mark their lives forever.

Júlia Inácia Vieira Assunção

We realized that children quickly establish a relationship of affection with Boingy. And we are surprised to realize how much the mothers also love Boingy. He is truly a source of comfort to all that are struggling with feelings of fear, sadnessand anxiety, due to severe illness.  Boingy became part of the ACTC-Casa do Coração scenario. Where the children go, they take the bunny with them. When difficult episodes happen, such as the death of a patient, for example, the presence of Boingy has been extremely important, we use it to help calm and comfort our users. We hope that the partnership with the Boingy project will be lasting since the impact has been very positive in our work.

Congratulations to Nicolás for the beautiful and sensitive initiative!

Carmen Ana Torres

The children under protection of the institutions of restitution of rights in Colombia, are veryvulnerable, because they have suffered abandonment, abuse, and all kinds of violence.

Many have been institutionalized for years, unable to establish permanent or stable links with their caregivers. For these little ones, the stuffed animals mean company, affection and a lot of joy as they feel them their own! The children received them with hope and gratitude. The stuffed animals become a protective object that helps the children mitigate fears and anxieties. They become the listeners to their sad stories. Feeling them by their side, being able to hold them gives them some relief from their pain. For those who are experiencing less emotional instability, the stuffed animal stimulates the imaginative and symbolic capacity and can become an important relationship channel that facilitates games, dreams, stories.

When the children leave the institution, the stuffed animal leaves with them, as they become part of their valuable objects and their company.