Special Thanks

The Luther family, for joining and supporting the initiative during its initial phase.

Dr. Jaime Trucco Lemaitre, for welcoming us to Hospital La Casa del Niño and allowing us to begin our journey with them.

Mrs. Martha Ligia Martinez de Zuluaga, for her unconditional and tireless support which where fundamental for expanding the initiative to Bogotá and establishing the local production of the stuffed animals. Most importantly, we thank her for believing in the initiative and in our team.

Juliana Diaz Ramirez, for her energy and effectiveness in organizing our initial visits to the institutions in Bogotá, as well as for her selfless support of the initiative. We also thank her for believing in the initiative and in our team.

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Roberta Lund, for validating the initiative and for opening the doors of Sao Paulo to the Boingy Project.

Mrs. Fiona Cope and Mrs. Laureana Piragine, for their support, encouragement and guidance in getting the Boingy Project Club up and running at Graded.

Carlos Zurilla Miranda, for his commitment, support and patience which made possible this webpage.

The parents of all the kids that receive Boingy with open arms, for your support and appreciation of the initiative – this is all for them!