Project Timeline

Project Conception

September – December 2016

– Conception and Planning.
– Initial conversations with Hospital Casa del Niño (Cartagena) and with Fundación Cardioinfantil (Bogotá).

– Research and selection of the supplier of stuffed animals from China.
– Placement of first order of stuffed animals (initially bears).

– Meet, greet, and plan a visit to Hospital La Casa del Niño (Cartagena).

Colombia Kick Off
January 2017

– The first distribution of stuffed animals to the pediatric oncology and dialysis units at Hospital La Casa del Niño (Cartagena).


Establishment Colombian Alliances
February – May 2017

– Initial contact with a potential local producer of stuffed animals in Bogotá.
– Review of prototype stuffed animals and selection of final model.
– Placement of first order of stuffed animals.


– Contact with potential partners in Cartagena and Bogotá to present the initiative and explore interest.
– Planning of June visit to Cartagena and Bogota to distribute the stuffed animals.


Colombia Roll Out

June – July 2017

– Visits to Hospital Infantil La Casa del Niño and Fundación Dones de Misericórdia in Cartagena and Fundación Hospital Pediatrico la Misericordia (HOMI), La Casa de la Madre y el Niño, Instituto para Niños Ciegos, and Fundación Cardioinfantil in Bogotá, as well as, a visit to the production facility and to the Colombia Academy of Medicine, to present the initiative and distribute stuffed animals.

Brazil Kick Off
August – December 2017

– Move to Sao Paulo and begin classes at Graded.
– Participation on the Start Up Stay Up BootCamp for Social Entrepreneurs.
– Presentation of the Boingy Project at the Innovate 2017! Conference at Graded.
– Launch of the Boingy Project to Graded’s community to recruit team members.


Brazil Roll Out
February – July 2018

– Establishment of the Boingy Project leadership team at Graded and definition of a rollout plan.
– Design and production of initial promotional material (logo, banner, t-shirts, flyers, etc).
– Participation in GRADED’s Citizen of the World and Run for Cancer events to promote the project and raise funds.
– Visit and distribution of Boingys to Associação Marie Helen Drexel, Casa Maria Helena Paulina, and ACTC – Casa do Coração.
– Research to identify potential local production partners, including a thorough business development process with Instituto C, a local NGO.
– Meetings with Hospital Sirio Libanes to explore the possibility of implementing the Boingy Project within their pediatric units.
– Meeting with Claudia Vidigal, from Instituto Fazendo História to present the initiative and gather her input and feedback as to how to improve the Boingy Project’s impact in the children.

Establishment Brazil Alliances

August 2018 – up to date

– Recruitment of additional high school students at Graded.
– Establishment and Registration of the Boingy Project Club at Graded with 15 registered members.
– Establishment of a collaborative partnership with ACTC – Casa do Coração to make periodic visits to their institution.
– Meetings with Orientavida NGO to define a prototype and begin local production.
– Design and development of the Boingy Project website.