As part of this initiative, we visit hospitals and temporary homes where children and teenagers who come from far away live with their primary caregiver while undergoing medical treatment. In coordination with each institution’s medical and counseling team, we establish periodic visits. With each team, we plan activities to entertain the patients and share with them the Boingy story as a way to inspire them to persevere through the challenging moments they will experience throughout their medical treatment. For the time being, we are catering to pediatric patients undergoing treatment for cancer, kidney and heart conditions. We had a very successful visit to Hospital de la Misericordia, HOMI in Bogotá, and currently operate at Hospital Infantil La Casa del Niño, in Cartagena, Colombia, Instituto ACTC – Casa do Coração and Casa Maria Helena Paulina, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As the project expands, however, our aim is to eventually reach all patients in each of the institutions where we currently operate on a regular basis.