Local Employment Generation

Mary’s Team of Mothers in Colombia

As a way to increase our impact in the community, we were looking for a way to produce the stuffed animals locally, instead of sourcing them from China. Mrs. Martha Ligia Martinez de Zuluaga, a friend of the project, let us know of an opportunity to create the stuffed animals locally and introduced us to Mary’s Team, a group of low income, hard-working mothers, who needed to stay at home to take care of their children with developmental conditions. After several rounds of prototyping, the first batch of locally produced stuffed animals was produced in March of 2017, and as a result, the local production pillar of the project was established in Bogota, Colombia.

Orienta Vida Brazil

Orientavida was founded in 1999 as a small project which taught embroidery skills to low-income women. As the grew, they were able to expand their initiative by establishing partnerships, participating in handcraft expositions, and by distributing their products throughout Brazil. As of today, they have trained several thousand women, and in addition to being an income generating initiative, they provide embroidery, tailoring and sewing training to women in prisons, where they are provided with employment and an opportunity to generate an income for their families. We are currently working with Orientavida to produce the first prototypes of Brazilian bunnies, which will then become our project’s source of locally produced stuffed animals.